Oakeside Farm List of Services

Types of Boarding & Cost

Arena Barn

Built in 2013 this is the newest of all the barns and contains 12 box stalls.  Complete with tack room, bathroom, and wash stalls with both warm and cold water access.  Uses both natural and electrical lighting.

- $750+tax / month

Upper Barn

This barn holds 6 stalls.  It has a tack room complete with bathroom and shower.  The natural stone helps keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Some natural light but mostly electrical lighting.

- $650+tax / month

Lower Barn

This unique barn has 5 box stalls each with a fixed window.  The aisle is open at both ends which allows in a lot of natural light as well as fresh breezes to blow through.  There is a small tack room located within.  This barn is directly across from the Upper Barn.

- $650+tax / month

Open Box Stalls

There are 3 open box stalls that allow for your horse to come and go as they please with access to pasture. It is the perfect marriage of box stall security and pasture board freedom. 

- $550+tax / month

Pasture Board

There are 4 pasture boards available.  Two horses per field along with a walk in shed so your horses can escape the elements when they need to.  They have access to open fields and grazing 24/7.

- $450+tax / month

Included in Board

  • Feed
  • Hay
  • Water
  • Stall cleaning
  • Turnout (weather permitting)

Some a la Carte Services

  • Inquire with management

NOTICE:  As of September 30th, 2021 Oakeside Farm will be shutting down it's boarding facilities.  We very sorry to announce that we are no longer accepting new board at this time.