About Oakeside Farm

From English show jumpers, to dressage performers, to the casual riders, Oakeside Farm is the perfect home to the modern day equestrian.  It's tranquil trails and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place to escape.

Our Heritage


Oakeside Farm has been a family owned farm since 1944 when Thomas Oakes purchased a small working farm and turned it into a dairy farm.  Over the years the farm was transformed into that of a horse boarding farm and is now owned by David Oakes and his daughter Christie.

Our Facilities

Oakeside has the capacity to support 31 horses in its four barns.  The farm offers 24 box stalls with daily pasture turnout, 4 pasture board spaces, and 3 free access stalls (box stall with open door to pasture). The facilities include an indoor riding ring (70' by 140'), an outdoor ring (90’ by 200’) and many miles of dirt roads and trails.

Our Staff


Oakeside Farm has fulltime barnmanager who works 6 days a week to care for your horses and makes sure they are healthy and happy. 

We also have barn cleaners who make sure the stalls are cleaned once a day, 7 days a week.

There are horse trainers available for personal instruction should you choose to utilize their services.

Our Community


Oakeside Farm has a nice collection of horse owners who range from professional show horses to the more casual rider who justs wants to come up and ride the trails.